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Anna34xo The Leaving Cert — 12/01/17 7

physics or business?

Jemin — 17/12/16
neither both are bad imo just play hurling :))
Anna34xo — 17/12/16
im a hurler already lol
naxmax9 — 17/12/16
Rachel1 — 18/12/16
Hi, I've heard that you should keep on a language and a science subject to keep your options open when choosing a course in college. So, if you're not doing any other science subjects, keep on physics.
CianLehane — 18/12/16
It comes down to whether you prefer working out problems or learning a load of things off by heart
flashgut — 18/12/16
jackcu9815 — 12/01/17
try have a look through the books from both subjects to get an idea. physics is a great subject if your good with logical thinking and problem solving but if you prefer to sit down and rote learn big chunks business might suit better.... also see which one links in better with what you want to do after school good luck :)
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