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    Subjects for the LC EA01

    I'm in 3rd year and I've decided on the subjects I wanna do and I wanna ask yall are these good subject choices

    1 English

    2 OL maths

    3 HL irish

    4. Geography

    5 biology

    6. French

    7. Agricultural science

    8 chemistry ( teaching it by myself )

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      Teaching yourself chemistry will be difficult. I don't do chemistry but I know people that do and its hard enough with a teacher never mind without one but its not impossible. Other than that pick your subjects based on what you want to do after school but there's a good mix there. But saying that about subject choice for what you want afterwards, I picked all my subjects around engineering in college and now I'm hoping for medicine so...

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      Hi :)

      Have a read of this if you get a chance:

      It might clear up some hesitations you have.


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      You haven't a hope of teaching yourself Chem if you do OL Maths, no offence. Stick to the 7.

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      Definitely wouldn't try to teach yourself Chemistry. I do it and I find it difficult with HL maths

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