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    Subjects that overlap

    I signed up to do: higher level math, english, spanish, agricultural science, history, business and ordinary level irish in fifth year.

    My teacher told me I should do one more subject so I was wondering do any subjects overlap a lot with any of those? I am good at essays and learning things off but am awful at science.

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      Math - Physics and applied maths overlap

      Ag Science - Biology

      Business - Economics, accounting

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      Stephanie K

      Chemistry and home Ec

      Ag science home Ec

      Business home Ec

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      There is a slight overlap with Ag Science, Home Ec and biology. I would probably choose home ec as an extra subject as you have cookery assignments which are worth 20% of the exam done in 5th year

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      Stephanie K

      I cannot do home Ec as an extra subject, I was told anyways as it must be done in a class group, don't know the proper reason, something to do the assignments

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      Ag Science and geography overlap a lot, I do both and the soil and rock chapters have almost all the same info. I find geography great as I am better at learning things off by heart than trying to understand them

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      is the geography course long? And how much is the project worth?

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      Yeah it's pretty long but all the courses are really, it's not as long as the ag science one that much I know and the project is worth 20%

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      If you're interested in current events I would pick economics as it very similar to business. Applied maths is a good subject to do outside of school as the course is very short it would definelty help you with higher level maths.

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