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Switching Subjects
chlobox The Leaving Cert — 06/05/17 8

I want to change really badly from geography to home ec. It's 6 months into fifth year. Is it too late? I really do not like geography and I'm finding it hard to study with so much information which I easily forget. What should I do??

chlobox — 15/03/17
chlobox — 23/03/17
emma1808 — 23/03/17
Did you do Home Ec for the Junior Cert? :)
Georgiewalsh13 — 23/03/17
If you want to change, do so now; but remember theres a lot of home ec to catch up on. If you have done it for the Junior Cert then you should be alright :)
hilary98 — 23/03/17
maybe you should consider getting grinds in home ec (if possible) if you decide to move to help you catch up
TheIrishNinjas — 24/03/17
Some people change well into 6th year, so it should be grand.
Charles_5165 — 24/03/17
pick a subject u would enjoy
chlobox — 06/05/17
No I didn't do H.E for JC but I have studied nutrition and etc outside of school in 4th year and the like. I have a big interest in it, but the booklets are completed...
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