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    Taking up extra subjects during repeat lc Aislingogara

    I'm a repeat lc and am considering taking up an extra higher level subject or two during this year, business or physchem in particular..Any advice?? Would it be too late to take them up now (November) Thanks in advance!:)

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      It's way to late, you'll have to learn a 2 year course in 6-7 months

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      Thank you!

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      its not you can doooo itttt

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      If you're good at physics, then look at Applied maths, but even then I think its a bit late to be starting the course. Mind I started Chemistry as a repeat LC halfway through October, and its going well so far. Time will tell though!

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      Follow ur heart hun... the only one holdin u back is urself xx

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      Business is definitely managable in a few months.. look at the exam paper and marking schemes and you should be fine.. do not forget about the ABQ

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      Thanks so much<333

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