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    The Leaving Cert fionanewsome

    Hey guys what is the leaving cert? kinda stumped? would appreciate any help on what i should be doing or how to prep? i have missed alot of school and am really confused! thanks you guys love all the help and support! Go see my film 9 to 5 which was released in 1980 but is still a real gem of a film! if i can help in anyway dont hesitate to ask! Hope this helps:)...........

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      What your gonna wanna do is study hope this helps :)

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      thanks brian, you should change your name to brian-69 ;D! here is a link to my wikipedia page. hope this helps:)......... (

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      Hey no problem if I can help don't hesitate to ask , I can help you with the Arabic course either whatever you need help in hope this helps :)

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