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to all nighter or not to all nighter for geography + maths ?
Santo_4582 The Leaving Cert — 08/06/17 5

i don't even know if im prepared. actually ..no im not

ailbhe15 — 07/06/17
ineedhelppls — 07/06/17
nope not worth it. just focus on big stuff like 80m question in geography and whatever you need work on in maths, definitely wouldn't leave it later than 12 the night before, thats what i'm doing anyways
ZombieBiscuits — 07/06/17
Absolutely don't. If you're really worried over maths, just learn off the proofs and hope you pick up enough attempt marks on the other questions
Obama 8 my cat — 08/06/17
Do an all nighter you mad cunt
florriesolano — 08/06/17
No you wont be able to think clearly at all the next day. Stuff you normally can do you wont recognise.
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