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SuperMan12 The Leaving Cert — 19/08/17 4

Hey, I'm going into TY in September and just wondering what anyone who's just finished or done it before thought of it. My main worry is in my school there will be two ty classes (Ty1 + Ty2) and say if I'm ty1 I have no classes with anyone in Ty2 :( what if my class has shitty teachers and none of my friends are with me? Any other general opinions as well please

SryanBruen — 29/05/17
I completed TY this month two weeks ago. My honest opinion is that it was the most boring year of my life. I only recommend it if you like practical work (also team work/group work) and also need time to mature. TY is good for them. I am an academic student however so with all the practical work involved in TY, it just wasn't for me. TY is not for everybody and don't let my opinion of it influence you in anyway. If you like practical work, group work, need time to mature or just want a break from exams (albeit you're paying that for an extra year of school), then you'll most likely like it.
SuperMan12 — 30/05/17
Thank you so much for the reply. I would consider myself an academic student but I feel as though Ineed a break from the stress of exams also. If you could go back would you skip it or still do it?
SryanBruen — 31/05/17
If you need a break from exams, then do it even if you're an academic student. No, I would skip it. In my school, I HAD TO DO TY, it was mandatory. I was going to move to another school just so I could not do TY. Also, I did not want a break from exams, I just wanted to get out of school quicker. That does not mean you should though. Like I said, if you want the break from exams, go for it. Don't matter if you're an academic student in this case.
Em.432 — 19/08/17
I am very much an academic student and just did ty! I think it has its pros and cons and every school is different! There is a lot of group work. Most schools go on a good few days out, there is usually something for everyone! For example my school went to an nuig open day and we took part in mock trials! I liked parts of ty and disliked others. You will prob do regular subjects too and this was good for a bit of an insight into what fifth year is like! It completely depends on the person and there will be good days and fairly boring days but I would recommend it :)
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