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    Basically all year I was adamant I was doing ty and I got in.

    But the more I think of it now the less I think the year would benefit me. The programme has gone down recently in my school, the musical was cut which is one of the things I would've loved to have done. Also as regards maturity I would consider myself mature already

    Also, I would be 17 doing the leaving cert if I skipped which I know some people say is too young but I could do a gap year after the leaving cert and see what I really want to do.

    So should I just do ty and get it over with or should I go into 5th? Opinions, thoughts and experiences appreciated

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      I think you should go into 5th after posting in your other thread on this topic. I have the feeling that TY is just not for you (wasn't for me either) and you would be very bored all year if you did it.

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      I know most schools are different but the classes my school do in ty are English,Maths,Irish,Science,French,Home Ec,Science,Woodwork,History,Computers,PE,YSI and enterprise. Like it's not like other schools where they do cool different subjects like media and photography and that. Like would I really benefit anything from doing these classes. So confused on what to do

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      i'll be 17 in january of 6th year lol it's fine i'm not doing ty just do what you want to do, there's no point doing ty if you don't want to do it

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      What's YSI?

      My school did English, Maths, Irish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Accounting, Economics, French, Spanish, Geography, History, Career Guidance, Media Studies, Food Science/Food Safety, Politics, Music, Mini Company, PE, Forensic Science, Religion, Urban Studies, Film Studies, Cookery, Film Making, Communication Graphics, Computers, Glass Making and Health & Safety.

      I'm pretty sure your school would also do short programmes or visits from somebody during the year. Like mine had the Young SVP, Aware, Samaritans, First Aid and a couple others I forgot. To be honest, much of them were very boring.

      Judging from your perspective, I really don't think you should do TY. I have not benefited at all from TY and I don't think you will either.

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      Everyone is saying I'll struggle in 5th year though

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      It's not that I don't really want to do it I just don't know like everyone is saying there's loads of benefits I just don't see them anymkre

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      Don't be listening to what people say, including myself here. You shouldn't take any advice or any words too illiterate out of people. It's your choice at the end of the day. Do 5th year if you want to do it.

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      If I were to do 5th i would end up doing French, Business, Ag Sci and History. I would've preferred to do biology but it overlaps with business and I love business. Also I've heard a lot about history being really hatd

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      Do 5th year and take a gap year after lc it's much better,

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      Take a gap year, I did TY it was the worst mistake of my life so far

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