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    UCD Summer Course Alexandra ichim

    Hi ,I am going into fifth year and I am considering of participating in the UCD Summer Course next year .I am open to opinions and feedback of the course and I was just wondering if it's worth taking part in a course in UCD.

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      study person

      I did the general science and medicine ones last year. I'd say if you're interested in science definitely go! You get to do some experiments as well as talk to lecturers and fellow 5th years:) The medicine one was all lectures which was informative, but a bit like the open day so I wouldn't recommend it as much. Good luck, hope that helps!

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      Lucy G

      Hi Alex!!

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      Alexandra ichim

      Thanks so much for the advice @study person.☺️☺️The UCD summer camp seems like something that would be worth going to!Thanks for the advice I'll definitely consider😉😉I know what you mean with the lectures in medicine.I went to the Mater Hospital Work Experience and it was interesting with the lectures but after a while it was kind of frustrating to get just lectures.Im already enthusiastic about the UCD summer school and I'm considering doing general science and computer science

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      Alexandra ichim

      @lucy G Hi to you too!!Any advice on the UCD summer course jk jk 😂😂

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      study person

      Glad to help! I'd definitely check out the science one then, and you get to choose 2 subjects you want to do, I chose the 2 biology related ones but there's a few to choose from to make it a little bit more refined than just "general" science. Enjoy!

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