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    Upcoming Leaving Cert Notes yeauhni

    I am selling my portfolio full of notes (most are from my hand writing and some are printed) for a reasonable price.

    I have portfolio for:

    English - My own essays about poets (5-6 poets), Hamlet stuff, and other notes covering almost all of the LC topics for English. PS: I studied Juno, COF and Foster

    Home Ec - I have a lot, this is probably the biggest portfolio I have

    Business - Some notes and I will give two more of my extra revision books

    Art - My notebook with my own essays of course (really organized bc I am OC when it comes to notes) and a folder full of notes

    Accounting - A folder with some really helpful notes

    PS: Not all of my essays are graded as H1. I just have my OWN essays written.

    If you have any questions and if you want a picture of how they look like and how my handwriting look like, just email me.

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