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    Want to be a primary school teacher Maggiemoo82

    So today I have finally decided 100% that I want to do primary teaching. I'd love to do it in St pats but the points were 465 last year and tbh I haven't worked at all this year. I think I did ok in my mocks. Do you think if I work hard for the next 14 weeks will I get the points. Thanks for reading xxxx

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      yeah positive thinking is the key ! you can do this :)

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      Aww thanks so much I'm really worried because it's such a highly wanted course and I haven't done much all year

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      Just wondering does anyone have an idea if the points will go up or down with new points system xxx

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      I doubt the points will change much but the best of luck :)

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      They wont change much at all. It's designed not to cause any drastic changes. If you take your 5th year summer exams or mocks results and caluculate them using both systems you wont find that much difference

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      I hope it doesn't go up or else I have no chance

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