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What a good subject to pick up in a year ?
annie1996 The Leaving Cert — 30/05/17 5

What subject would it easy to pick up in a year for the leaving cert and still do well in it ?

richieoc9 — 30/05/17
Economics is a really short course and is relatively easy if you are into buisness type subjects
annie1996 — 30/05/17
is it easier than accounting? I'm thinking of dropping down to OL accounting and pick up on a different subject most likely business but i'll have a look and see how economics is like
Alex F — 30/05/17
If you like Maths and good at learning formulas then Applied Maths would be a good idea. There are only 10 topics, all of them come up and you only need to answer 6. My class covered all the Ordinary Level Course in 3 months
Lsmyth — 30/05/17
I picked up Physchem is Leaving cert from October and its very doable. I had a brilliant teacher though but we only had class once a week but if you're willing to work hard it can be done
NORegan — 30/05/17
Economics and PhyChem are really doable in a year! PhysChen has loads of options on the paper so it can be a short course.
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