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    What should my 7th subject be?? naxmax9

    next year i have to pick the subjects i want to do for leaving cert. i am thinking english,maths,irish,physics,french,economics. I have no idea what to pick for my 7th subject. what are the hardest and easiest leaving cert subjects??

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      Best advice is to look at the exam papers and see which subject you think you would do best at. If you choose the subjects you "think" you'll like then you'll be making a really bad mistake.

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      Biology is not advised if you have dyslexia due to the large words but its manageable.

      Physics isn't advised if you are doing pass maths as there's a huge amount of calculations and formula.

      I do Biology, Physics, French and Business as my choices and I have to say I enjoy biology the most. I'm a visual learner and there's diagrams and easy ways to remember things. If you have a good teacher it's brilliant, if you have an average one it might be some bit tedious. I hope this helped. Best of luck :)

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      John smith234

      pick business because all my friends that do it say it is so easy and they often get crazy high grades.

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      Lois Angels

      I'm doing Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Spanish at the moment and I really love biology. It depends on you and what you think you would enjoy. Got to admit that physics is pretty tough and involves a lot of hard work, like every subject. Like ciara said having a good teacher makes it way better and motivates you. My friends who do business say that it's pretty tough. Hope I was of help :)

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      I'm doing all those same subjects you do plus Geography. Geography is probably my favourite though so I'd suggest that

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