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    What Subjects Should I pick? naxmax9

    Okay, I'm in the 3rd year at the moment just started. Currently studying for my Junior Cert. Got an A in French, English, Music, History and Geography for the summer exams. C in Irish and maths ( both at HL). B in business and Science. I want to do computer science in college.

    I'm doing TV by the way. I'm thinking of doing

    - English (HL)

    - Maths (HL)

    - French (HL)

    - Irish (HL)

    - Chemistry (HL)

    - Physics (HL)

    - Economics (HL)

    ( Should I switch out ANY Subjects or are these subjects okay?) Will studying 2 science subjects and not doing history or geography affect anything? Thanks in advance. Please reply.

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      i'd advise economics it's very easy

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      Looks bang on for computer science to me. I wanted to do that for a while and do physics history engineering and spanish. A practical class wouldn't go amiss if you can but if theyr'e not your thing don't do any. If I remember correctly the requirements are something like higher maths and a science subject. Though I'm now going for medicine so my subjects are less than ideal... lol

      Hope this was helpful and may the odds be ever in your favour

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