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    What to do in TY?? adamob544

    I'm in TY now and I hate every minute of it because we literally don't do or learn anything. I intended to try study some LC subjects I picked but I changed my mind and don't know what I'll do. Now I'm left with nothing to do at all. Can anybody help me please?

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      So leaving cert...


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      Maths. I studied maths in TY and honestly it helped me so much. There's videos and stuff on youtube or you could get the book and start working through it. costs but it's worth it if you struggle with maths. If you're grand with maths but struggle with Irish or another language then work on the oral for that. You can find good notes online or there's shortcuts to success books that focus on the orals and I find them a lifesaver. Honestly when I worked on schoolwork throughout TY people told me I was crazy and that I should take a break and enjoy TY. But I hated it for the same reasons and now I'm probably the least stressed out 6th year in my class. If you enjoy TY grand enjoy it but for me the work I put in really paid off.

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      Not saying that I went home to study for hours but reading and watching tv in a language you're trying to learn is really useful

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      Thank you Aisling :) . I do Spanish and I already watched a whole series of this show for Spanish learners and I think everything else would probably be too hard for me to understand. I'll have a look at the maths tho :)

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      If you don't try things you won't understand, how will you ever learn them? Try a Spanish show made for natives, at first you'll only be getting the gist of what they're saying, but trust me, after a while it does wonders for your Spanish :)

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      Books or shows for like kids or early teens is what I watched at the start, it was a little hard to watch without cringing but it had language that I could actually understand haha best of luck :)

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