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Why can't I do physics??
falcon_ava The Leaving Cert — 22/06/17 8

Hello! Sorry I know this isn't really study related but I've been trying to look into this problem and haven't seen it anywhere else. I picked my subject choices for 5th year at the start of May. (I chose Applied Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and I plan on doing Spanish outside of school) I was brought into the teacher in charge of sorting the subjects in the second week of May and she said I couldn't have physics because it wasn't my 1st or 2nd choice on the list. This is in a school of 1200 people btw, and they're telling me they can't fit me into a physics class (there are two 24 classes, that I know for fact have way more boys than girls in them) My mom sent an email to the teacher that told me this and the vice-principal straight after I came home that day and they got back to us on the last day of school, the last week of May, saying I was second on a waiting list. We can now contact the school but won't receive a reply until late August, as the school is closed. Has anyone experienced this issue before or has had it resolved? Thanks x

ddkod — 20/06/17
What's the issue? the classes seem full so just wait until people inevitably switch around subjects to join it if you want it that badly (though you should have put it higher priority then). As for the girls and boys thing, that is likely because there are usually far more boys than girls who want to do physics, if you had put it as your priority you would have got it.
falcon_ava — 21/06/17
My school principal told my parents that if I wanted to do applied maths it would have to be my top choice because the school wouldn't run the subject if there wasn't enough interest, also I can't do the course I want without two lab sciences, one of which had to be chemistry, so there was my top two choices gone. As for my bringing up of the boy girl ratio, the school has been constantly trying to encourage girls to get involved in the "boy orientated" subjects, such as maths, physics and engineering etc. yet here they are denying me of a place because I was either told by a superior or college requirements that I had to give my top two choices to other subjects. I was just wondering has this happened to anyone before because my mam had to move schools due to this issue over 30 years ago and I want to know if it's still prevalent in today's schooling.
Jennygotu — 21/06/17
This happened to me aswell . I had picked biology geography homec and physics. They gave all my subjects except physics because I didn't put it as my first or second choice and they were tight for space and there is only one physics class . So I had to give up homec because some other person wanted it instead of their physics so we switched and then I picked history.
ns123 — 21/06/17
Although it wasn't an issue in my year, about a third of the people in my physics class of ~ 20 dropped the subject, and about half of them in the first two months. You might be able to change from whatever subject you end up doing to physics if that (most likely inevitably) happens.
A-123St — 21/06/17
Similar to what happened with ns123, my physics class for next year is full (I got it since it was my first choice) and there's a waiting list, but the teachers aren't worried as they think there's a good few people who'll drop it in the first few weeks. I'd say you'll probably get in, so hold off on buying the schoolbook for whatever subject you ended up with instead of physics for a while. I know it's annoying, but it happens often unfortunately.
Aisling1998 — 21/06/17
Push for it. Get your parents in for meetings with all the staff involved. Get them ringing up every day for a progress check. Honestly they will give in. I had the same problem and I didn't get two of my choices but by the start of 6th year I had them. You just have to keep the pressure on the school from all angles, yourself, your parents and anybody in your school that's in a similar situation. They have to realise that this actually does affect the rest of your life.
Rosannaang — 22/06/17
Just do physics outside of school. It will be manage if you do applied maths!
falcon_ava — 22/06/17
Got a letter yesterday saying I'm in an economics class in place of physics and my parents have emailed the school asking for a meeting with the principal if I do not receive the subject place within the first two weeks of September. No reply at the moment as assumed. Thanks for all the advice x really appreciate it.
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