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    Why does nobody ever respond? asiamcdonald

    I see this happening to lots of people including myself..

    somebody posts a question, awaits a reply, and nobody answers.

    The view count of the post goes up and up, but nobody replies, and when the same question is asked by someone else 10 minutes later its flooded with answers...

    We just all have to be fair to one another, were all in the same boat, come on guys, if we know an answer to somebodys problem lets just answer them.

    Every bit of help counts :) good luck guys

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      some people ask questions that have already been answered in other discussions, look around before you post something maybe, thats just what ive seen alot of people do

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      @jdee9927 believe me I have, and it just annoys me that some people selectively comment, I'm also talking about questions that are very specific so nobody else has really answered them yet, just bugs me sometimes

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      where can you see the view count? just wondering and how can you see if someone has answered back

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      Hey Cert ,

      The view count or reply count can be seen beneath the post and if you have posted a question you will get a notification via e-mail.

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      Yes, I notice this an awful lot :(

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