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Work Life Balance
LAD The Leaving Cert — 12/01/17 5

How are people balancing study and leisure? Part time jobs? Hobbies? Sports?

Ibraheem_3299 — 10/12/16
come home at 4. hw til 6. study til 9. gym til 10(leisure). rest up to u. thats what i do.
Aisling1998 — 10/12/16
Study and homework/learning 5-10 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Wednesday, hobby until 6 then study 6 30-10. Friday study 8-10. Saturday I work and then do an hour study and sunday basically study all day. I need 540 though so I think how much you do depends on what points you're aiming for but it's important not to cut out hobbies/sports/social time altogether.
momo_taz26 — 12/01/17
normal days of week> Wake up 6 GYM 7 AM school 9am HW at 4pm study 6-9 sleep 930pm weekend> wake up 8 study 9am-02pm work 2.30pm 9 pm gym until 10 nightclub until 1:30am sleep at 2
chlojoanne — 12/01/17
during the week i do evening study in school from 2-6pm. When i get home take into account eating, showering and being on the phone. I start my homework at half 6/7 and finish around 8/8:30 then ive the rest of the night to relax, try doing a consistent amount of study every day of the week so it isnt building up on you.
chlojoanne — 12/01/17
sorry from 4-6 pm
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