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    Jc project EA01

    Im really cap at metalwork practical classes so I'm wondering if there's any chance that I can not do it ?? I'm so bad at practical that I have not completed any projects during second year. I can't even drill my piece without cracking it lol

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      Well unless you're looking for an F or an NG, since the project and day practical are worth 75% altogether, I'd advise doing your practical work for JC.

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      Big James


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      For practical, just mark out your piece first, double check your markings, then drill the holes (dont put too much pressure on while you're drilling. Let the drill do the drilling. Use a high speed for plastics and go slow), cut out the shape of it then and finally bend what ever needs to be bent. If you focus on getting the practicals done well this year, metalwork should really be an easy A. Hope this helps and good luck!

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