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HL paper thoughts?
Sarah_6830 Junior Cert Technology — 20/07/17 23

How did you guys find it? I know there's very little people on here that do technology but still. I found the short a lot tougher than previous years but the rest was quite manageable + there is the project 50%,

TheGamerz — 27/01/17
Can you send me the paper to thegamerz8881@gmail.com
patrickbarsoum — 29/01/17
Can you also send it to me at patrickbarsoum1@gmail.com
Elaine Murphy — 01/02/17
Hi can you please send this to me xxellie.glavinxx@gmail.com
Helen_7562 — 06/02/17
Hi could you please send it to me too, tnks
Helen_7562 — 06/02/17
Dangles17 — 07/02/17
Dangles17 — 07/02/17
buzzforjc — 07/02/17
Could u send it to me aswell? Alexhunter1738z@gmail.com
Sean_1422 — 07/02/17
Could you Sen it to me seanhoura@gmail.com
cm2001 — 11/02/17
can you send it to me too @conormurn@gmail.com
Exantic23 — 20/06/17
can you please send it to me at sadivg123@gmail.com :)
Exantic23 — 20/06/17
can you send it to me please sadivg123@gmail.com
Lrfsvvg — 20/06/17
The exam isn't till Wednesday ?
What the???? The exam is in a few hours
And you asking how it went?
Feint_ — 21/06/17
Time travel?
bashmore059 — 21/06/17
suck my nob you fat cunt
Feint_ — 21/06/17
When and where?
dannynewcombe — 22/06/17
This was for the mocks guys �� no time travel I'm afraid
Feint_ — 22/06/17
Ah thats a shame :p, how did you find the real thing anyway?
dannynewcombe — 22/06/17
I think it was a very fair paper, especially the short questions and the electronics question. The technology in society question was a bit wishy washy, I think, but it was nothing that couldn't be waffled through. Overall I thought it was a great paper to finish off the exams. What did you guys think?
Feint_ — 22/06/17
Couldn't agree more, very rounded paper all questions straight forward enough. I found that too in section C, the questions were more waffle than anything, took a while to do but not cause they were hard.
Sarah_6830 — 20/07/17
this was the jc tech paper for 2016, you call all find it on examinations.ie lol
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