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    Making out theory notes if anyone needs some revision help. Bengee

    Just some basic notes across the various topics of engineering hopefully good for revising.

    I will be covering all topics with the exception of machining and the specialist topic.

    I am doing this in relation to the higher level course but if you are ordinary level feel free to ask for a copy im sure it'll b of use.

    They are in pdf form so can be read in your phone, pc or tablet.

    They contain the quick essentials of what you need to answer questions but they are not necessarily full answers.

    They are still a work in progress. Currently available are:


    Material Testing

    Material Structure/Bonds


    This list will be updated over time so check back later for things like thermal equilibrium diagrams, iron carbon diagrams etc.

    Link for the files:

    Good luck

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      banzai pipeline


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      thanks so much, appreciate it :)

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      thanks so much, appreciate it :)

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      Fair play to ya (y) thanks

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      love it. thanks

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