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    Tech paper Insa333

    Anyone have good solid notes on project management and all. I feel like this subject has got no syllabus to it. They can put up anything on the paper. Plus I can't seem to get my head around how motors work and all the other electromechanical elements - HELP!!!!!!- I'm gonna FAIL!!'

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      Did u not get a book this year?

      There are 2 questions materials technology and communication technology. focous on them because they might be easier.

      Your project is worth 40/50%

      Your gonna be fine!

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      But the material questions are so damn difficult!!

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      there are 5+ different areas. choose 2 and answer the questions in them 2.

      You have to find one of them you like / understand in the slightest...

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      What do you think about part B - the compulsory question??

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      look at the marking schemes

      youl have about a week to study for this exam dont be worrying about this now!

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      I wish I didn't have to worry! I've got chemistry before hand, so don't have more than two days to cram

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      seems like a lot but you could just wing most of it with commen sense but for the materials just look over these:

      The Material Properties of Fabrics, Wood(& Problems i.e. Wet rot, Dry rot, Woodoworm), Metals(incl. Mild steel, Stainless Steel,Copper, Aluminium, Brass), Plastics(incl. Types{thermoplastic, thermosetting},Examples), Polymers, Ceramics(incl. Advances{dental implants, bone structure}),Composites(Examples), Smart Materials (thermochronic and photochromic materials, self healing materials, smart fabrics).

      Know about why you would select a particular material.

      Environmental conditions on materials(Temp., Humidity, pH etc,)

      Economic use of materials.

      A follow on from this would be production (hand tools,power tools, manufacturing processes.

      hope this was a help :)

      ill leave you my email if you have any other questions

      i would strongly advice doing materials.

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