Junior Certificate Irish

In Irish it is really important that you read the questions carefully to make sure you fully understand what is being asked. Remember much of what appears in the exam will be unseen so it's really important you practice by doing past exam questions on Studyclix. Make a note of any new words or phrases as you come across them. Know the meaning of the main  words used in question such as cad, conas, tabhair sampla. 

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What's on the Junior certificate Irish (Gaeilge) course?

  • Listening Comprehension (Cluastuiscint)
  • Reading Comprehension (Léamhtuiscint)
  • Writing (letter, note, Postcard, essay, debate)
  • Grammar 

What's the Junior certificate Irish exam like?

At higher level (ardleibheal) There are four sections to paper 1.

Roinn 1 - Cluastuiscint (Listening comprehension - 40 marks)

Roinn 2 - Léamhtuiscint (Reading comprehension - 40 marks)

Roinn 3 - Trialacha teanga comhtheacsúla (Grammar - 20 marks)

Roinn 4 - Ceapadoireacht (Writing - 50 marks)


Paper 2 has 3 sections

Roinn 1 - Prós (prose)

Roinn 2 - Filiocht (poetry)

Roinn 3 - An Litir (a letter)


Ordinary level irish only has one paper with the following sections. 

Roinn 1 - Cluastuiscint (Listening comprehension - 40 marks)

Roinn 2 - Léamhtuiscint (Reading comprehension - 120 marks)

Roinn 3 - Scríobh na Teangan (Writing - 80 marks)

Any tips for doing well in Junior certificate Irish?

Like all languages it is really important that you work on building your vocabulary as this will help you in the reading comprehension, listening and written part of the paper. Don't forget to prepare for your aural exam by practicing the listening comprehension questions as you listen to the streamed audio clips on Studyclix. Writing out a list of the most common verbs with their english meaning will also come in very handy for all sections of the paper. A good way to prepare for the exam is to listen regularly to radio na Gaeltachta or watch the news on TG4.

Download the Junior certificate Irish syllabus 

Download the Junior certificate Irish teacher's guidelines

Download the Junior cert Irish Chief examiner's report (2010) 


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