Leaving Certificate Art

Unlike most other subjects, most of the marks for Leaving Certificate Art have been awarded by the time the June exams come around. Only 37.5% of the final grade is based on a written exam, which is on Art History.

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The Art History course is huge and covers many topics but there is lots of choice on the paper, so hone in on the sections that you enjoy or are good at. The remaining marks are given based on a practical coursework exam in May, which includes life sketching, still life or abstract composition and Design or Craftwork. 

Art History Course Content

Appreciation - Architecture and Renovation

Appreciation - Film Studies

Appreciation - Gallery Visit

Appreciation - Graphic Design

Appreciation - Product Design

Early Christian Ireland - Manuscripts

Early Christian Ireland - Metalwork

Europe - Gothic Architecture

Europe - Impressionist

Europe - Medieval

Europe - Renaissance

Generic Qs - Categories

Generic Qs - Movements

Ireland - Georgian Architecture and Arts

Ireland - Modern Artists and Designers

Ireland - Romantic Period

Pre Christian - Bronze Age

Pre Christian - Iron Age

Pre-Christian - Burial and monastic sites

The Exam

37.5% of the marks are for a written exam on Art History. The remaining 62.5% is awarded for an exam in May based on practical coursework to include life sketching, still life or abstract composition and Design or Craftwork. 

Future Careers with Leaving Certificate Art

Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Web Design, Animation, Graphic Design, Photography

Download the Leaving Cert Art Syllabus

Download the Leaving Cert Art Chief Examiner's Report (2013)