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Irish mocks vs jc
Nicola.Y13 Junior Cert Irish — 19/10/18 8

Do people tend to go up a grade from their mocks in irish? Only i was quite disappointed with my mocks

Nicola.Y13 — 07/06/18
And what did everyone think of the paper?
Kkate — 07/06/18
yeah usually everyone improves from their mocks and the paper was actually grand except for the filíocht i had'nt a clue
gavindoyle15 — 07/06/18
i thouht the jc paper was ok. most people go up around 10% is what we were told but unfortunately i won't pull that off :(
A* history student
A* history student — 07/06/18
The filiocht was hard but everything else was easy
finnawoke — 13/06/18
do many people get a's in irish? is it difficult? does the optional oral usually bring you up?
Tara Quinn
Tara Quinn — 13/06/18
yes the optional oral can bring you up a whole grade if you did well in it. i got an a in the mocks with it included and then i improved the oral for the real thing. i lost a lot of marks on unseen stuff in paper 2 now tho
A* history student
A* history student — 14/06/18
I was 3 percent off an a for the mocks. The unseen filiocht screw me up:joy: heres hoping i get an a for the jc
Nikki2371 — 19/10/18
When I did my mocks and JC last year on Irish, I went from a D to a B. Trust me, it's easier in the Junior Cert and more fairly marked.
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