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whats gonna be on the jc exam ?

i want to start studying but i have no clue on where to start lol or is everyone else just as lost as i am?

You should only start studying at christmas or January. Enjoy school now and just stay on top of your work, especially for jc
@Geffakin01 ok thanks:)
Exam papers...
concentrate on subjects you are struggling on get a look at the papers and scoring practice listening to aural tapes
Hi, i did my junior cert last year so feel like i should offer some words of wisdom. For irish, do the work that your teacher tells you to do. Im not sure if youve done aural tests much but if you do then write down all of the words that you dont get. Id worry about studying a lot whenever you get your exam papers - for the new junior cert, they're pretty much essential.
exam papers, ive been working on history for past month and i can go through the papers easily now
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