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How to get an A
StudyIsMyLief Junior Cert Mathematics — 09/05/16 4

so lads I see ur reading this post and you wanna get that A. As old man conroy always tells us, "sure like anyone can get the C or the B, but if you wanna get the A you gotta put in the effort" he's right like, you know, he's telling the truth in that regard. Anyways back to the point lads. how to get yourself that A. I know many leaving cert students who got A's in their jc maths and they all share the same characteristics. they don't get questions wrong. Thats how you get the A. You get everything right. Do it boys report back in when you get back from the shop :)

StudyisfunStudyisfun — 04/05/16
@StudyisMyLief this post really inspired me, can you post more quotes from old man Conroy!! KEEP UP THE STUDYING
StudyIsMyLief — 04/05/16
@StudyisfunStudyisfun yes my man. do u want friend make?! laugh out loud my dog is jumping on me., sorry that was uncalled for m8. Yes I will record class tommorow and write poste on quotes my dude. it is wednesday my dudes
aLuke — 05/05/16
This was so helpful!!! totally orginal:) tsm
MDS1911 — 09/05/16
Oh Jesus, what is poor StudyClix turning into?
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