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Maths result help!!

i got my maths mock result back today and i got 60%. im really disappointed in this grade and i felt i did better. my friends got As and Bs and i feel auite down and worried that i wont be able to improve it as im naturally not that good

dont worry about it thats still a really good result considering how hard both papers were and you’ll be able to improve by june!!
loads of time to practice for real thing dont worry
Yeah donr worrh sbout ir its not the end of the world. Your well being comes before anything in life.
Lennon Lynch
I got 69% and I want an A for the real thing lol
i got a terrible result too - 59% - but we're finished the course in school, so my teacher is now just doing exam papers with us. it's already helped a LOAD. even if your teacher is not doing this, do exam questions yourself and then ask your teacher about any questions you struggle with. if you want a full maths revision plan, i can give you one also (for free, mind you).
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