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Journal Work help!

Hi there. I was hoping that somebody could give some guidance on the Journal. It is my first time to do this and i have chosen this title for my two classes 'A profile of two ways that religious commitment is expressed by the members of a community of faith in ireland today'. I have chosen St. Vinvent de Paul. I would like ideas on how to explain commitment?? also a timeline.. eg.. what should the students be doing? guest speakers, research, you tube??? I would love to hear from someone who has done the journal before. Thanks so much in advance.

Hi, I'm in the same position! This is my first year teaching Exam RE. I have picked the same title for my 3rd year class. I was also thinking of SVP as a possibility... Have you gained any new insight since your post?? I Would also really appreciate any advice on how to approach this topic.
I actually choose the same topic :joy: but I did prayer and Ramadan (for Islam) ......... if you look commitment on the internet get a definition and go from there or my teacher showed some really good YouTube video if you look up some YouTube videos that would probably help you too
is there any sample journals online or anywhere else?I havent a clue what to write our teacher just told us to research and do it
thanks youre a star!
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