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Quaran essay

does anyone have an essay on the quaran ��

these are a few points that you could use to put together your essay: • Quran, islamic sacred text • It was reveled to prohet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel in Mecca and Medina • Began in 610ce and ended with Muhammads death in 632ce • Quran came from the verb to recite • The Quran is divided into 114 chapters and each chapter consists of idividual verses • The text has been unchanged over the past 1500 years • Much of the Quran is about God, his attributes and mans relationship to him. But it also contains directives for its followers, historical accounts of certain prophets and peoples arguments for accepting Muhammad as a genuine prophet and good news for beilivers and warnings for disbeilivers • The Quran is a highly respected book and Muslims usually perform wudu before reading it and keep it wrapped in cloth when not being used • The chapters are split into 30 parts which makes it possible for Muslims to complete a reading of the whole Quran in one month • They often recite one part each day, especially during the month of ramadan • Many muslims learn parts by heart • A person who has memorised and can recite the entire Quran is known as a Hafiz • Muslims regard the Quran as a source of guidence or road map for life, as well as being a source for knowledge about their faith and traditions • When the Quran is not in use the book is placed on a high self and when having to dispose they do with high respect
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