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Any ideas for CBA 1 Spanish !!!

Any ideas for CBA 1 Spanish !!!!

I did mine on my daily routine in detail. I think its a good topic to do it on because the volcabulary is simple making it easier to pronounce and learn off. It's also proof that you really learned a lot because it covers all basic topics. You may even get extra marks for using reflexive verbs correctly. Another plus is that "Write about your daily routine" is a very common question in exams, so if that ever comes up you will already have your cba memorized, so you can just write that cery same thing! It's basically a matter of killing two birds with one stone.
we did Spanish festivals, I chose La Feria De Abril, it's nice and simple. I simplified my sentences to make it easier to learn and it helped me quite a lot
I did mine about my city/area or if you can do it with someone you could do a role play in a restaurant/hairdresser.
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