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anyone have any tips for Spanish mock or need notes I got you
Rionnb Junior Cert Spanish3

just want some advice for spanish mock and can give notes if needed

Alright buddy listen here you want some tips for spanish yeah, just go and watch the first 3 season's of Community, Mr Chang will teach you a basic understanding of Spanish, and to get the full effect you have to binge watch it all at once, its scientifically proven to help with retention. Don't even think of going to the bathroom during that you're only wasting your time. After you're done watching you have to book a quick flight to Magaluf and experience the local nightlife, hopefully when you're there you will meet a local guide lady you may have to pay her and she will take you down a shady alley but trust me bud it's the fastest way of learning the language. Once you return to Ireland you might want to see a doctor however as the guide lady may have thrown a spell onto you and you may be itchy for a while. I hope these tips help you secure that H1 soldier. Let me know how it goes.
mk np its just general things like the aba verb eg trabajaba if ya get me thanks tho
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