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anyone know any good ways to understand accountancy any better my taecher moves to fast and even though its a small class she doesnt slow down and even tough its early i am aming for higher level as points are better. i have a hard time understanding the layout and then having to do the workings

look to egs.ie and davidwilson.ie and they will help you understand the question that you are looking to revise. Complete examples, starting with OL questions and work your way up to HL. Seperately, speak to your teacher individually and let them know that you are struggling with the pace. They will apprecriate your feedback and may be able to provide you with resources to help
all i can say is just practice exam papers, my accounting teacher got us exam papers in fifth year and they're all we use we've never had a textbook, unlike the person above i would say start with higher level that way if you do drop to ordinary it will be much easier. another thing, have one neat and correct account for each topic that way you can look back when you're stuck or you just don't have the hang of it yet, with the more questions you do it should be easier to remember
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