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Accounting teacher bad at explaining topics!

I have recenlty went through to 5th and picked accouting as one of the subjects for my LC. After being in accouting now for a couple of months, me and my class mates have noticed that the teacher seems to be rushing through topics without fully discussing and showing us how to do it. As a result of this the entire class seems to be struggling a lot of peoples grades aren't great. Any advice for doing well in this scenario?

I have no advice as im also in your shoes and i wish i had the chance to switch subjects in fifth year. Try getting grinds, youtube videos, take notes yourself in english rather than numbers. Im in sixth year and im staying in higher level, try your best. constant repetition and make your other subjects stronger.
6th year doing accounting here. If you genuinely do not get a concept at all i would advice learning off where certain things go in the balance sheet/ learning off headings and formats for published accounts and cashflow forecasts. Alot of marks go for format in certain questions. For final accounts and much more,go through the exam papers and see what workings come up alot and really try to understand in english why these occur to bring up your marks. Write this down in english so you can use to revise. Hope this helps slightly!
As someone who teaches Accounting I would say not to panic. It does eventually click. The only way to study Accounting is by doing questions after question after question. The more final account questions (Q1's in the LC) you do the better it will make you at Accounting as it tests a lot of the skills.
How you learn learn leaving cert accounting alot of videos going over exam papers the problem with that need to understand concepts first whats the context exam questions are pointless without knowing leaving cert structure.
ask your teacher questions in class. if you don't they'll just move on. the responsibility lies with you to highlight when you don't understand something. the more questions you ask the better.
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