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Is accounting possible outside school as an extra?

Hi, just wondering if accounting would be a possible subject to do as an extra outside school? Possibly may be able to get grinds, but not 100% sure yet. I was gonna do it as an in-school subject but when it came to deciding, it didn't make it. I'm in 5th year and would only be starting now, but I've always had an interest in it so I would work. I suppose I'm just asking cause I'm curious whether the curriculum would be doable at home (how long is the course) or if a grinds teacher is really necessary. If you could let me know it'd be great. Cheers.

During 5th year, there was a girl who was out for a few months due to personal reasons. She was probably the best in our school at maths, but found it so hard to learn accounting at home that she dropped the entire subject and took up applied maths outside of school. according to my teacher, If you've taken the new business J. cycle you're also probably gonna find accounting hard as you dont have the gounding knowledge that I had. Overall, if you really love it, get a grind teacher and do it. Its not gonna be easy without a teacher.
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