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Should you do Q5 in LC Accounting?

Hi everyone! For LC 2021 accounting, would you do Q5 interpretation of accounts and then one of Q6/7 OR Q6 and Q7 . I am kind of stuck between which to dedicate my time to for a H1. There is just a lot of theory involved in Q5, more than my liking. Any recommendations? ;)

Personally, I would do Q5, mainly as Interpretation always comes up (and has now been guaranteed according to the exam changes this year). But only do it if you really know your ratios well and be able to interpret them, its the kinda Q where you'll either do really good or really bad, no in between. If the theory isn't your thing, then focus on what could come up for Q6 and Q7, like tabular, service firm, cash flow, suspense, club, incomplete records...
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