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Take up Accounting by myself? (Jan 5th year)

Hi, Just wondering if it'd be possible to take up accounting at this stage (Jan 5th Year), it would most likely replace HL Irish. I did JC Business and I really enjoyed the accounting part and I'd be dedicated, but have I missed too much? Would I get everything done in a comfortable time? I'm not too worried about catching up but is the syllabus timing tight? When would you normally finish it in 6th year? Thanks in advance.

yeah youd be able to if you were doing qs every week. you still have loads of time becuase theres certain questions you can leave out
personally i'd say it would be tough enough, i did pretty well in the accounts for JC and i'm in sixth year accounting now and it's my worst subject. i definitely think give it a go regardless but i would say be prepared to need a grind or two in it. you'd definitely get it done in comfortable time if you work smart and hack the questions that come up every year like final accounts, interpretation of final accounts and budgets, make up 50% of the paper every year! best of luck with it :)
Yes you have time if you are dedicated. There are lots of good videos on you tube on leaving cert questions. I wouldnt bother with the full books, just get the revision books, the best 2 are Taking Account and Revisewise. Great instuction on each question especially in Taking Account. You only need to study Q8 or Q9. You can leave out the 60 mark questions if you are doing Q1. Good luck.
Accounting is the one subject you can't teach yourself, most teachers don't use the book because there's no useful information in it, I wouldn't chance it. Of all my subjects it's the only one I wouldn't be able to do on my own.
Im in 6th year and we finished the course before the christmas break, so I definetly think you will have enough time, if you start now and do some work in the summer as well you will be grand, I found accounting really tough in 5th year but once I got into 6th year I went from 50% to 90% in each test so you just need to practice and make sure you understand what you are doing Good luck!!
I started off the year in history and only recently moved to accounting and have caught up fine. I got a H1 in the christmas exams after only being in the class a few weeks. Accounting is easy enough once you know the foundations. I reccomend asking some of your class mates if you could copy down the questions thyeve already done and then doing them in your own time. It shouldnt be too hard. The only way to learn accounting is to practice loads of questions so you should be fine if you sit own and do them yourself:relaxed:
you would definitely have time the course is short! but i cant imagine teaching myself accounting. we dont use a book and only do past papers- so much stuff doesnt make sense without a teacher explaining it using real life scenarios. Maybe you could get weekly grinds
Course is fairly short and theres is always one or two chapters that havent come up in years etc. If you get the basics right and start with the depreciation and go on with Debtors & Creditors control accounts, get the basic -due, + due 31/12, PP etc. you will do fine. Will require lots of practice and sticking rigidly to the marking schemes.
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