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how to study ag science on your own

I'm planning to study agricultural science on my own throughout 5th year and take grinds in 6th year (im hoping fora h2)...any tips on how to go about it?

Constant practice... find a teacher or a tutor to get feedback from regularly, and hand questions up. This means you will know where your going wrong. Set a plan out for yourself - goals as to when you'll have certain units done. Try your best to meet these goals, and keep on top of it. This'll keep you motivated. Small amounts, and hour or two a week consistantly, and you'll keep on top of it! whatever you do, don't "leave it til last minute" or procrastinate. good luck!
please how can i get a teacher that will assist me?
I did the extra subject grinds in DSOG for 5 th year, there are lots of farm trips you have to go on and a project that's worth 25% so I'd definitely recommend doing the grinds in 5 th year now I just do pure revision for 6 th year and studying it on my own
where is DSOG? I am studying it by myself but i need a teacher for the project
Dublin school of grinds in stillorgan
Im a grinds tutor, I got a H1 in ag and biology last year, if you need any help you can send me an email :)
Neil Cronin
i use mind maps, also if you live near a farm like i do just walk down to the farmer and ask them questions about stuff if there free they love talking about farming
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