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Need subject help

I'm thinking of doing geography, french, biology, and ag science for my leaving cert subjects. Any tips on if these are good/ bad choices? other recommendations appreciated?

Biology is a great subject to do if you have a genuine interest in it and are willing to put some real work into it. Many people mistake biology as the "easy" science subject, this is not the case. First off biology has one of the highest fail rates and is also the most commonly picked subject. The majority of people find biology very challenging as they projected it to be similar to junior cert in terms of difficulty. It is not a subject you can just wing and use common sense like in the junior cert. In simpler terms, its very different to the junior cert and requires as much work as any other subject. The course is one of the biggest in the leaving cert and some topics go into very close detail. However do not let these points turn you off picking the subject, Im currently in 6th year and love the subject. Revising and practising for the exam pretty much consists of constanstly grinding out the past exam papers so even if you didnt like the subject that much and did this, you could easily get a good grade with a bit of work. In conclusion Id say to just make sure you know what your getting into, its a very doable subject granted you practice qs regularly and having some sort of a interest is always a plus. Hope you found this somewhat helpful.
Very helpful, thank you, I appreciate it!
Yes i agree, biology has so much content to learn, but honestly exam papers are life savers. I do geography and I love it. I happen to have an extremely good teacher and most of the class get H1s despite the insane amount of learning. So just letting you know that I do both biology and Geography and you will be spending soooo much time learning things off. If you are like me, and don't find learning things off too challenging, you'll fly it. I also do french and again, I love it. Just a tip, the listening is hard so I do a duolingo listening everyday. They only take like a minute max, and they seem so easy, but honestly it's helping. Good luck anyways, hope this helped :)
Ag science is difficult
i wouldnt recommend ag sci its horrible
I do ag Science, Biology and Geography. i love ag, however a wide aspect of the course is soils which can be boring.Chemistry and biology do link into ag along with geography. the project is 25% which is huge. Im the first year to sit the new course so it is a little challenging but if you have a genuine interest and you already have a general knowledge of your farm you should fly at it. Biology is very doable but it requires a lot of learning off and time must be spent at it to get a good understanding of each chapter. its not a cramming subject at all. you must understand it to answer questions, exam papers are a life saver in that aspect.. Geography is by far my least favourite subject. I find it extremely difficult and overwhelming. the entire exam consists of you writing essays. These essays are 2 pages long and must be learnt off. there is one longer essay on the exam which is 4-5 pages. Each chapter has 5-6 essays that need to be learned off. again its not a cramming subject and a lot of work must be put into it! the Fieldtrip project is 20% of your exam. Hope this helps and if you have any further questions you can ask away!
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