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What's Ag. Science like?

Doing Geography atm and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of detail and essays. I do Biology and I find that more manageable. What are your opinions of Ag. Science? Do you think it would be wise fo me to switch subjects? Thanks!

Ag science is really good, especially if you have a vauge background in it. I do Geography too and find that easier but I much prefer Ag as its so much more interesting. Its also easier too do well in too:)
I'm in 5th year and do ag science, I don't do any other sciences but still, I don't find it too difficult. I think it would be wise to speak with the teacher in your school, you will have to catch up but as far as I know the course is shorter than geography. You could also look at the sample paper to see the sort of exam we will have. There is a project which most people will start doing soon so if you're going to switch take that into account :)
im in 6th year and i do Ag and biology. I defiently think that Ag is harder than biology but there is alot of similar topics between the too subjects so it makes it easier to study Ag
Ag is pretty good and interesting but the marking scheme is really really specific. you could write down an answer which is technically right but will not get the marks because its not the exact word they want. other than that i would recommend it although i do think geography is way easier to get marks in
depends on your teacher and interest in it 2021 is the first course with the new paper so bare that in mind aswell that the marking schemes and questions wont be the same as past papers
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