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Art vs Geography

For lcvp requirments i had to either choose art or geog but im not good at either, i did ordinary in both for the jc and got a c in both but my course requires high points so i was hoping to get some of yere opinions as to which one would be easier to attempt honours in :)

if you did both at ordinary why try do them at a higher level just do ordinary like you did in jc. Hope i helped
shane coyle 999
I didnt do art so take what i say with a pinch of salt. they both have huge amounts of learning in them and art is a very hard subject to do well in this is because its hard to judge drawings fairly. However geo also has a lot of info Like a LOT but if you are good at absorbing and putting it back on a page youll be fine. The geo project also helps too. To put into perspective a little i hated geo with a passion but got a H2 its was one of my best subjects some how. I think if you are just attentive in class youll do fine. But get a person who did art to give their opinion too.
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