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I don’t know what to study !please help

i dont know what to study for art !its all too much please help

Section 1- will be either stone age, bronze age or an iron age question. that should cover you for that section Section 2- Not too sure about this section. If youve studied european art try and learn ant least 1 artist from each style and different period i.e neoclassism, realism, romantisicm, impressionism Section 3- Gallery visit q comes up most uears i think, if not that you can answer a film question maybe
Section 1: study either iron or bronze age and newgrange section2:Leonardo da vinci is likely as its his 500th anniversary section3: Gallery Q
section 2: romanesque and/ or gothic always comes up as well if you prefer that
S1- Know all of pre-christion Ireland (Stone/Bronze/Iron)[1 or 2 questions come up on this every year] S2- Know Romanesque and Gothic [Know 1 church really well for both and be able to mention another for both. Have a sculpture for both! I use The Last Judgement by Gislebertus and The Well Of Moses by Klaus Sluter] S3- Gallery Question This is literally all I'm doing but it' enough to get your H1, honestly don't see why people do the paintings!
study leanardo de vinci, donetello, raphael just to be safe
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