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Heyas, my art teacher has made us do the project at home, and stick it in when we get back. he is sure we wont get an extended date for it and now im panicking, i havent done much as i thought the due date would be extended. have you guys been doing it at home or been doing art history overlockdown?

I havent been doing any project work at home. The project is meant to be done during class time so not sure how examiner wouldn't notice that it is stuck in? I'd say we would have to get an extension it wouldn't be fair if we didn't
Yeah your teacher broke the rules 100%
my art teacher made us basically do the entire practical during lockdown, like the development sheets in great detail as if it was our actual exam sketchbbok and she said that we probably wont get any extended time because of the signicant changes that have already been made for our assessment, also she said that we were just gonna re draw what we did in our lockdown sketchbooks in the exam ones when we get back so i dont think its a good idea what your teacher is doing. (we also did some of the gallery qs during lockdown)
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