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Switching from Geo to Art ... in September of 6th Year
tkiely Leaving Cert Art3

Over the Junior Cert, I was doing Art as one of my subjects, but I was 100% convinced I was going to be a scientist when I was older, so I went a fairly sciency route in the LC; Physics, Chemistry, Geography, and History. (History was mainly for points.) However, over time I've realised that my passions, and most importantly my aptitudes, are way more aimed at the creative arts. I'm currently doing Music and Biology instead of Phys and Chem, but I've realised that Geography is still dragging me down. I just find it really hard to engage myself, and I'm not really fit for 2 subjects that involve so much heavy learning of technical info. The overall situation has even started to take a toll on my confidence, my motivation, etc. So I've made the (obviously risky) decision to try and move from Geo back to Art, which I think appeals more to my talents and passion. I've spoken to my parents, and they're at least open to the idea, but obviously they have their concerns (this would be my 2nd time changing subjects in the LC). I've sent an email off to my Career Guidance teacher, and I'm still waiting on a reply. I already discussed the idea with a friend of mine who used to be in my class and still does Art herself, and she told me that 5th Year involved a tough trek of art history that I'd have to catch up on, but she thinks I should be able to manage it if I can show that my sketches are still up to par. What do you guys think? Am I insane, or does this seem like a reasonable course of action given the circumstances? If this is doable, what advice do you guys have for me in terms of catching up?

How many points are you aiming for?
349 (English at UCC)
i would recommend you learning off how to draw real life portraits of people. Once you begin your Art class, grab a couble sheets of A3 paper and practice drawing at home when you have nothing else to do. You should look at the marking scheme or studyclix notes as a guide. Also the history is not as hard; Neolithic,Bronze age,Renaissance,georgian...we studied that in junior cert, however we need to study the techniques,designs,structure and the architectural form of them.
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