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Biology Struggles!! :(

hey :) I'm a fifth-year biology student and I am really, really struggling with biology. I have always loved science and I want to do psychology after I leave school so I kinda need to be good at biology :/ Any tips on trying to study biology effectively and remembering the material, please? Thanks!

I personally think you do not need to learn the 'entire' course, if you look at the exam papers the repetition in questions over the years is very noticeable, if you can answer the questions to the chapters you have already studied, you should not have any major problems. Remember in Biology big essay style answers are not expected, some answers may be less than a sentence long others a few bullet points especially in the Section Cs, and also you will notice that the same definitions for every topic will be asked throughout the years, so focus on them for each topic as there are a lot of them and they make up between 20-30% of the paper. The same goes to the experiment questions, they are mainly repeated and because of all this repetition it makes it easier to learn Biology. If you do this then you should not have major struggles, the exam papers are your friend and the text book is your support notes to refer back to if you are unsure of an answer, because the marking schemes do not always provide the full answers, sometimes they just show the key words that need to be mentioned in that particular answer. Good luck!
dont stress, just make sure you are keeping up, x
biology bugbears videos on youtube are very helpful and leaving cert aimed, every topic is covered in seperate videos!
just do all the exam questions for ecery single chapter like write out the question and the answer aftr a while they repeat anyway,,, i do this and do well in my tests :)
@gosia2002x ay gosia want to link and study biology together x
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