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HPAT advice and tips

Hi, I just did the HPAT this year and got 93rd percentile. I am now studying medicine in Trinity College. I thought I would share some tips for those of you that would like them. For section one I would recommend watching the UMAT prep videos on youtube because it is very similar to the HPAT and i found the logical reasoning strategies to be very helpful. Also, time management is key and consistently practicing under timed conditions is essential. Pay attention to the wording of questions in section one as some require you to make a logical guess while others require straight facts from the passage. Drawing tables and diagrams to organise information will save you so so much time also. https://youtu.be/3Ac2A8wyRPQ For Section 2 your best friend is vocabulary.com. It has lists of UMAT and HPAT vocab and allows you to practice definitions in a way that helps drill words into your head. Section two is usually everyone's favourite as it is pretty straightforward however you will need to know the differences between words such as annoyed and frustrated just things like that. I personally kept a folder with new words and detailed definitions even for words i already knew the meaning to. Memrise and Quizlet also have nice vocab lists for the HPAT. Section 3 was by far the easiest section to improve on even though it is an absolute nightmare at the start and is so confusing. However, there are so many strategies which will make it so much easier such as the 3-2 rule which is covered in the Medentry course and pick the middle strategies which are covered in this video https://youtu.be/FBv0vZWyGK0. Medentry is worth investing in 100 percent and the practice exams are by far the best prep you can do. I would recommend starting the first of these exams around Halloween and then doing one a week up until the HPAT. What's even more important however is that you sit down and thoroughly go through each section of the exam after you have completed it and that you keep a copy book full of the mistakes you made and how to avoid them. Even analyse the questions you got right and make sure you were correct for the right reasons. Like I said time management is also key I cannot stress this enough. Remember that unlike the leaving cert for the HPAT what you are studying is skills and strategies that you can apply rather than material. If you need any more tips or advice contact me: askmurphy16@gmail.com

Thanks so much for these tips, I really appreciate them. I actually only decided today to sit the hpat and was worried if I lost out on time to study since I know a few people that started studying in summer. I'm going to buy the medentry package haha thanks for the tips
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Thanks for the tips
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thank you so much, you're a lifesaver !
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wow this is actually wonderful info, thank you very much
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