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science college course

i love biology in school. especially the human side i.e the heart, blood, lungs, skeleton and mucles etc. I have no clue what i wanna do next year in college. anyone know a really broad science course thats good. or recomend any courses that someone sholud look into?

@Studygirl54312 you should have a look at clinical measurement science in TU Dublin because it kinda has a broad range of the sciences and you can specialise in different areas based on your pref
theres general science options you can do now in first year you do a bit of everything but second year you branch out to what suits you best they are done in most places like ucd trinity nuig etc
biological and chemical sciences is quite broad, lotssss of things you can go into after. If you go into careers portal and set up an account, you can use the filters to find a good course. you can put in specific colleges, countys, provinces you would like to study in, and also max points etc. then when u see courses you like you can click in, click into the link for the college page, and look at the modules. if its more chemistry based and you dont like chemistry then you can narrow down
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