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John smith234
Which experiments should i focus on?
John smith234 Leaving Cert Biology — 17/05/16 9

Theres quite a lot of experiments which ones do people think will come up or are really needed to know?

Mikey101 — 14/05/16
Enzyme expirament
shaun.wallace.3994 — 15/05/16
pH definitely
Susanna_3699 — 15/05/16
IAA experiment, investigate influence of light/ C02 on photosynthesis and make sure to know graph
Yoshmyster96 — 15/05/16
Osmosis experiment has never come up
Ailbhe123 — 16/05/16
Osmosis came up last year, so did IAA! :)
abcdef — 16/05/16
Hey guys any tips on just passing the exam?
eimearclix — 16/05/16
unit one, either photosynthesis or respiration and genetics are up evry year so just learn them and you'll pass
shaun.wallace.3994 — 16/05/16
Learn them all theres not that many as they could come in section A and C
Amanda April
Amanda April — 17/05/16
Unit 1: Test for starch/fat/reducing sugar/protein; Conducting a quantitative survey. Unit 2: Preparing and examining one plant/animal cell; effect of pH/temperature/heat denaturation on enzyme activity; Influence of light intensity on photosynthesis; Production of alchohol by yeast, Osmosis Unit 3: Examining the transverse of a dicot stem; Effect of exercise on pulse; Effect of factors on germination; use starch agar to show digestion during germination I think those would be the key ones to put focus onto, good luck! :)
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