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business evaluations

tips for writing evaluations????? dos and don't

dont write a summery of it you have to make sure that they know that you understand the impact of the thing your evaluating like for the ccpc they help consumers by providing info through such and such focus on the impact not the definition
An Evaluation Q is often 20 marks. I split my answer ito 4 different parts. 1) My first point 2) My second point 3) My third point 4) Evaluation (Start your sentence with in my opinion/ i think that) For Example: Q: evaluate the roles and responsibilities of the CCPC. Ans: 1) Investigate Cases 2) Advise the Government 3) Resolve Disputes 4) Evaluation *Expand on every heading that i have mentioned above, an dthis is bascially the layout you need to follow to get high marks in Evaulation Qs. Hope this helped !
Evaluation In my opinion or judgement Give two clear factual benefits of the topic Evaluation of franchising You would mention Tried and tested product or service Benefits from economies of scale.
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